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“Global SCM Support Service”

Established in 1995, NX Shoji U.S.A. is full service international trading company with a focus on import/export logistics support for the Asia/North America market. By acting as importer/exporter of record, providing VMI, or streamlining shipping, NSU lets companies sell their goods without having an office in the U.S. Being a subsidiary of Nittsu Shoji whose parent company is Nippon Express, one of the world's largest logistics companies, we can give local expertise almost anywhere. This allows for the best shipping terms and support for our clients.

Import Export Trading/ Global SCM support service

NX Shoji has 10 branches worldwide, including HQ in Tokyo, Japan, Chicago, U.S.A., Hong Kong, and India and Mexico. NX Shoji U.S.A (NSU) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NX Shoji and ultimate parent company is Nippon Express. Nippon Express has a large freight forwarding and warehousing network, with over 700 locations around the globe.

NX Shoji works in different time zones so you don’t have to. NSU’s understanding of local market conditions allows us to connect with local with suppliers to negotiate for you.  NX Shoji can leverage the strength of Nippon Express to deliver the best shipping terms and speed for our client’s needs.

NSU staff listens to the customer’s needs and designs a unique plan to accomplish those goals. In a difficult times like now, NSU will be a strong partner to make sure your supply chain run smoothly.  

Urban Clouds

Feature 1

Global SCM solutions

NSU’s Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)-  For over 25 years, NSU has been saving clients time, money and resources.  By having NSU managing purchasing delivery and streamlining your supply chain, you can focus on your core business and leave the work to us.

Importer Of Record- As IOR, NX Shoji acts as your local office so you can import/export your goods. NSU will negotiate with your suppliers, shippers, and Governmental entities to save you time and money.

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Feature 2

4PL Solutions- Purchasing and logistics integrated service

NX Shoji can use partners, like Nippon Express, to provide a fully integrated plan to completely handle all aspects of moving your items domestically, internationally, or all the way to the end customer.  NX Shoji can do it.    

With the Capabilities of the Nippon Express network and 3rd Parties business partners, we can handle the shipping, specialized warehousing for cold storage, the Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals industry, and e-Commerce fulfillment for the Retail and Consumer Goods industries.


Feature 3

We makes use of its network of headquarters in Tokyo and overseas subsidiaries to provide global services on behalf of customers, such as ordering, delivery and payment services.


One-stop service by using overseas subsidiaries

Feature 4

Cost transparency

We provide transparent pricing by "visualisation" cost breakdown.

Let us help you! if you have experienced the following:

  • ​Need to complete transactions in the United States

  • Need to have sales channel but no sales base in the United States

  • Need to purchase goods from Asia, but no procurement base in Asia

  • Need to reduce costs in the supply chain

  • Need to outsource trade/logistics related operations and focus on core activity

  • Need to improve cash flow



(Chicago Office)

515 E. Touhy Ave, Suite 200

Phone: (847) 952-9300


(Indianapolis Office)

3747 Plainfield Road Suite 198 Indianapolis, IN 46231


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