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Our services

(1) NX Shoji USA solution (example)


(2) Service functions of NX Shoji USA

Import / Export

  • Export​ documentation

  • Import evaluation declaration

  • Export tax refund

  • Payment of import tax/duty

  • Become exporter/importer

  • Security export control

Delivery Management

  • Delivery date control/adjustment

  • Management of partial delivery/Expedite shipment

  • Management of optimum ship mode

  • Prior confirmation of delivery date

Receive/Place Orders


  • RFQ deployment to suppliers

  • Get quote / present to customer

  • FC development / ordering / ordering

  • Settlement with customer / supplier

  • Forward exchange contract


  • Financing at low cost

    (Japanese Yen/ Foreign currency)​

Overseas operation

  • Overseas VMI support (resident type / non-resident type)

  • Correspondence with Overseas suppliers/clients through our local branches

Inventory Control

  • VMI support

  • Inventory report

  • Inventory count

  • Management of long-term inventory

  • Improve inventory visibility

Business contract service

  • Total business operations including procurement tasks (except payment)

* For all of the above operations, we will create a Business rules(including Standard Operational Procedure) agreed with the customer and promote the standardization of the business.

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